Yogi in the Community: Xpj Seven

Our yogi in the community is a sincere and compassionate man who adds a lot to this world. Xpj and I actually practiced yoga together “back in the day” when I taught at Cabbagetown Community Center. Xpj is an amazing student, teacher, and fellow yogi whom I have the pleasure to learn with and from.

Hometown: I’m from Belleville, Alabama

How long have you been practicing yoga? I’ve been practicing yoga now for about fourteen years. Initially I got into yoga after a serious back injury, having a major distrust of allopathic medicine and treatments, yoga was the perfect alternative.

Why do you practice yoga? Other than the obvious health reason, I practice yoga because it helps remind me that we have an infinite capacity for growth and development. Yoga for me is a way to stretch the boundaries for “normality”. I say all the time my mama didn’t carry me nine months for me to be average. Plus it’s great for my creativity! But mainly I practice because it’s fun!!!

How do you notice yoga throughout your life? Yoga is noticed in my daily routine as awareness. Really when it all boils down to it yoga cultivates body awareness. To me, the trick is honor the body but don’t get too attached to the body and extend the awareness beyond the body. One of my favorite teachers used to say we practice yoga on the mat, we live it in the real world. At first I thought that was some corny BS now I’m really feeling what she meant.



  1. I have had the blessing of practicing Yoga with Xp. He is patient, funny, assertive and he pushes you like a slave master…j/k-no I’m not! lol He really knows how to guide beginners into a place of confidence. Thank you so much Chelsea, and I am loving what you are doing as well! Give Thanks! Namaste

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