Yogi in the Community: Sticman

Listen to converstation between Sticman and Chelsea:

When I stepped onto the Atlanta scene in 1997 (fresh off Interstate 75 from Dayton, Ohio) my life changed. As a fresh(wo)man at Spelman College, my love for culture,  hip hop, and most of all liberation music had a huge impact on my interest in personal wellness and Knowledge of Self. I was attracted to the type of music that provoked critical thought, reflection, and action.

Photo by: Shannon McCollum

One particular album directly shaped the way I thought about my position in this world and more importantly encouraged my activism with youth in my community and personal wellness. Let’s Get Free by duo dead prez, created songs like Be Healthy, Discipline, and I’m an African during the late 90s. Both M-1 and Sticman of Dead Prez continue to contribute to this world through their artistry and community engagement. I had the pleasure to catch up with Sticman and asked him questions about his path to practicing mindfulness and his current projects.

Hip hop artist, producer, and activist Sticman of the group Dead Prez has been a long time advocate for mental and physical wellness and is the founder of the RBG Fit Club. His latest solo album The Workout is completely dedicated to health & fitness. Stic is very much involved with his community (both locally and globally) through his blog where he offers support to those interested in maintaining mindfulness around personal wellness. Take a moment to listen to the conversation I had with Stic as he talks about the RBG Fit Club, his personal journey to wellness, and projects that are on the horizon.

Stay Connected to Sticman through www.RBGFitclub.com

Purchase The Workout here. 


  1. Great interview, Chelsea! I just came across the RBG site earlier this evening and found your post via Stic’s Twitter. Both of you are doing great work on the health and wellness front, so please keep it going! Your story is powerful as well. One of the key things that jumped out for me during the interview is when Stic says activists should be active. It makes so much sense when you think about. I take up the challenge.

    1. Sandria! Thanks for checking us out! I agree, that was definitely an aha moment for me when Stic mentioned that “activists should be active” and we have to “move within the movement”….I am so excited to walk this path with so many people who are dedicated to their personal health & wellness. Let’s continue to spread the word through our actions! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Stay tuned….Peace and love,

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