Yogi in the Community: Sihnuu Hetep

We’re back! The Yogi in the Community section is coming full force this year and I am so excited to share some really interesting and dynamic yogis with you in 2013. Such a pleasure to share the words of Sihnuu Hetep on this February 14th! A light full of love for herself and community, Sihnuu’s words remind me how of how to love. So whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, meet Sihnuu Hetep who embodies courage and love.

Name: Sihnuu Hetep     Location: Chocolate City (Washington, DC!!)

How many years have you practiced yoga? I have been practicing yoga for about 5 years now.

What brought you to the practice of yoga?  I was introduced to yoga by a friend. We would practice asana in different gardens of the city. At that time I was not so hip to the internal work of yoga. I knew that it existed, but for the most part I just wanted to move my body. I had practiced dance since age 6 so the flow and rhythm of the practice was like home for me.  It was not until my son’s passing in 2011 that I decided to fully grasp the concept of yoga in its entirety. I went beyond the physicality of asana and into a world of self-actualization and healing.  It was a very reflective time period. I was able to see a lot of things about myself that needed attention.

What was the most surprising thing (s) you learned about yourself through your practice?

Sihnuu HetepThe deeper I got into my practice, the more freedom I felt. I was surprised at my own personal growth. I learned that I carried so much s#@t with me. As I practiced more the emotional chains that kept me stagnant began to loosen. I grew more tolerant of certain things (still working!) I learned how to free up a bit.

What do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions about the practice of yoga or those who practice yoga?

When I invite people to practice yoga I often hear, “I’m not flexible enough for yoga:”  Yogis YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HOLD YOUR LEGS BEHIND YOUR EARS TO PRACTICE YOGA. It’s PRACTICE. Even if you never get your legs behind your ears life is still great! Honor the journey don’t worry so much about the destination.

How does yoga influence the ways in which you move through this world?

With yoga I am invincible. As I continue to navigate through challenging postures finding stillness and sending the breath to areas of discomfort my practice becomes stronger. Sihnuu_seated birdThe same goes for life. I know that if I walk fearlessly with a sound mind, taking a pause to breathe whenever adversity comes, I will reap the full benefits of my Earthly existence.

If you could give advice to someone who tried yoga and gave up after the first class, what would you say?

I would say get your butt back on the mat! Yoga is all about overcoming obstacles. Use your breath, still your mind, get into your body and receive your blessing!

Want to contact Sihnuu? You can reach out to her at yogasihnuu@gmail.com

Twitter: ‏@sihnuuhetep

Site Coming Soon: www.yogasihnuu.com


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