Yogi in the Community: Shana Meyerson

Our Yogi in the Community this week is a fellow yogi who practices with children, tweens, and teens. Shana has conducted yoga for kids certification teacher trainings all over the world.

Yogi in the Community: Shana

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are interested in learning more about Mini Yogis Yoga for Kids give Shana a call!

Location, Location, Location: I’m in Los Angeles, California.

How long have you been practicing yoga? I’ve been practicing for ten years.

Why do you practice yoga? I practice yoga because it’s the only place on earth that it’s 100% okay to fall. It gives me freedom to push my edges without any fear of failure or being judged. It teaches me.

How does yoga impact your daily routine? Yoga doesn’t just affect my daily routine. Yoga is my daily routine. Yoga guides me to live every moment in integrity and kindness.

I am blessed to teach teachers all over the globe how to teach yoga to kids. Information about my teacher training program can be found at www.miniyogis.com/teacher.htm. Mini Yogis offers classes for kids of all ages all over Southern California. We also have teachers all over the world, so regardless of where you are, we probably have a teacher there!

With adults, I specialize in teaching arm balances and inversions…how to be fearless. More info at www.yogathletica.com.



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