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Our Yogi in the Community this week is a woman who embodies life force energy through her talent, lyrics, and spirit. I have had the pleasure of knowing Sa-roc for years, and to observe this sister’s growth is inspiring. If you have not had the opportunity to hear this dynamic lyricist perform, check her out this July 9th at the East Side Lounge in Atlanta. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and I hope her words elevate you, as she elevates the world through her music.

“Before I perform I use yogic breathing techniques, particularly the ujjayi breath, to release any feelings of fear or discomfort.”

Location: I was born and raised in Washington D.C. I’ve lived in Atlanta for the last 8 years.

How long ago were you introduced to yoga? I’ve been exposed to yoga during various periods of my life but the earliest memory I have of doing yoga was at age 14. I was going through a rites of passage program called Ankobia. The elder women encouraged a lot of self reflection and used yoga as a tool to foster spiritual growth amongst the girls. I really developed a love for yoga when my sister Ayana, a yogini, began practicing and shared some asanas with me. I loved the feeling of stillness and the strength within the poses.

What does it mean to practice yoga? Or what does yoga mean to you?

Sa-roc: Journey of the Starseed

From what I’ve learned, the ultimate goal of yoga is to unify and integrate spirit, mind, and body with universal consciousness, or THE ALL. Freedom. The inner reflection that yoga inspires allows me to discern between illusory reality, this physical construct within which we imprison ourselves, and spirit, that timeless and FREE state of being.  Learning to be in the world and not of the world has been a lifelong lesson that yoga has helped teach me.

How do you notice yoga in your daily routine? How do you use what you’ve learned in yoga as fuel for your passion? I think the awareness of breath is definitely more prevalent. My understanding of how prana (life force energy) works to energize and heal the body makes me more aware of how and when I BREATHE, whether I’m in a pose or not.  Before I perform I use yogic breathing techniques, particularly the ujjayi breath, to release any feelings of fear or discomfort. My music is infused with teachings that I’ve learned through yoga. The lyrics are rich with themes of elevation and ascension from physical restraints, achieving spiritual freedom.  My latest album, Journey of the Starseed, speaks of my personal journey towards this goal.  I use HIPHOP to expose the universe to spiritual wisdom, history, and culture that they might not otherwise come across, continually learning along the way.

You can see more of Sa-roc by visiting: http://www.sarocthemc.com/

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