Yogi in the Community: Joslyn Jackson

“Yogis in the Community” is a space to meet individuals in communities who dare to  live life to the fullest with awareness, balance, and truth. This is a space where everyone is on the V.I.P. list. This is a space for folks who practice yoga daily, have practiced yoga a couple of times, or simply curious, we would love to hear your story! If you are interested in sharing please let us know by emailing chelsea@chelsealovesyoga.com.

Meet Joslyn Jackson! I met Joslyn at Spelman College and we were friends at first sight. Joslyn is an amazing yogi who does wonderful work through our online community (in addition to all of the other places throughout the Universe). Joslyn is an inspiring yogi and I am so honored to call her my friend.

Meet Joslyn Jackson: Yogi in the Community


Where do you live? :  Philly, baby

How long have you practiced? : Bikram, 3 years

Why do you practice? : I practice yoga because I am an addict.  I used to run marathons and thought there was nothing better than a runner’s high – but a yogabuzz is 10 times stronger.  Especially in Bikram’s style because the room is stifling and getting through it brings about such an acute sense of victory and accomplishment.  Pair all that with your body being bathed in healing benefits and you’ve got an experience that’s unmatched in joy and appreciation for life.

I notice yoga in my daily routine by making my day all about the yoga.  When I’m not IN class, I’m writing about it.  When I’m not writing about it, I’m taking photos to illustrate ways to live the yoga lifestyle: healthy foods, healthy mindset, healthy outlook, and patience with all things.  This does not mean I am Ghandi.  I still get roadrage and I still eat chocolate because I am human and love to indulge in naughty dealings – but somehow I suspect this makes me even more of a yogi:)

Website: http://missfitbliss.com/


  1. Hey Chelsea! Discovered your blog just a little while ago and like it a lot. Not only because of your ‘Yogi in the Community’. You seems like a very genuine person..I’ll keep on stepping by..Greetings from Germany

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