Yogi in the Community: John (Sunseed Solarchild)

Our Yogi in the Community this week is my brother and close friend. I met John in the late 90s when I moved to Atlanta to attend Spelman College. As students in the Atlanta University Center, we soon discovered the dynamic environment that catapulted us into a journey of Self-discovery through holistic practices. John and I (along with other friends who will be featured later) visited the Hindu Temple of Atlanta on a regular basis where we studied yoga with Sri Sudhanva Char. John is an amazing yogi, world traveler, and friend who inspires me to embrace life with excitement and courage.

Hometown– Macon, GA (Macon-ite 4 life)

Current Location:Oakland, California

Know Yoga. Know Peace. No Yoga. No Peace.

How long have you practiced yoga? Yoga has been apart of my life for 14 years. Since I was a teenager I have always been curious about yoga. When I tried yoga for the first time I knew that this is something my body and spirit needed and wanted. Now yoga is a part of my lifestyle by practicing many forms of yoga through asana, mediation, diet and lifestyle.

When I practice yoga it is a time for me to connect with m.e. (my emotions) and (my earth). Since yoga entered my life I have become a better person for myself, my community and my earth. Know Yoga. Know Peace. No Yoga.  No Peace.

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