Yogi in the Community: Isvari Verre

"I do yoga to be free." -Isvari Verre, Anusara Inspired Teacher

Our Yogi in the Community this week holds a special place in my heart. Isvari Verre was my mentor during my yoga certification training at Kashi Atlanta Ashram. Isvari continues to teach me through her openness, honesty, and devotion towards her yoga practice. Isvari has an amazing wealth of knowledge when it comes to aligning the body in order to align our overall Being. If you have not experienced one of Isvari’s classes I highly recommend you check out this beautiful Anusara Inspired Teacher.

Location: I am originally from Pleasantville, New York but feel no strong affiliation anywhere even Atlanta where I currently live . I do love my home in Inman Park with my 3 teenagers and my black lab Bella but home is where my mat is.

How long have you practiced yoga? I started practicing yoga in 2002, so almost 10 years.

Why do you practice yoga?  I practice yoga to connect to who I am underneath all the veils of illusion. I practice to connect to the truth that is unwavering whether I feel it or not in the moment and to not get stuck on the peripheral layers of life but to try to always hold the bigger picture that we are all manifestations of a supreme consciousness.

How do u notice yoga in your daily routine? 

Isvari with John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga

Yoga is all about my daily routine.I do yoga to be free. Not free in some kind of down the road liberation free kind of sense (although that’s all good) but to be free in the moment, to bring freedom into the rest of the day. The days that I do not do yoga I am cranky, not as happy. When I do yoga the quality of life for me and those around me is better. Yoga teaches me to make better choices. When we make better choices we are happier and feel more free. I practice yoga to connect to something bigger, and when I do I do not get stuck as easily in the day’s challenges.

Be sure to check out Isvari’s amazing alignment tips at www.isvariyoga.com, in addition to her silk pillowcase company at www.silkpillowcases.com. Isvari has tons of amazing events coming up in Atlanta including Maha Yoga with Bhakti Messenger on August 6th!

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