Yogi in the Community: Dana Smith

This week’s Yogi in the Community is Dana Smith! Dana is the owner of Spiritual Essence Yoga and Wellness studio located in Upper Marlboro, MD. Dana’s contribution to her community has been featured in Black Enterprise, NBC4 Washington, and the examiner.com. Dana’s studio operates daily with a diverse range of classes and instructors. If you live in or are visiting the Maryland area, please check them out! I had the opportunity to ask Dana a few questions about her yoga practice this week! Please take a moment to read and be inspired!

Why do you practice yoga?  I practice yoga to create balance in my life. As a mother and business owner my life tends to be very hectic. Yoga helps bring things back to the middle.

When did you begin your yoga practice? 

I started practicing yoga immediately after I gave birth to my daughter about 10 years ago. When I began practicing I had no true body awareness and spent a lot of time focusing on what I wasn’t able to do. Then I was faced with time obstacles that prevented me from practicing as much as I wanted to. In time I found a respect for my body, aka the shell for my soul, and learned to move with my strengths and gently strengthen my limitations. I learned the lesson of acceptance of the now as a vehicle to greatness.

How does yoga impact your life? 

Yoga has helped me become a kinder, gentler soul. My life is based on Ahimsa (non-violence, non-harming) and because of it I have been able to see the life in all beings and express respect for all living things.

One word to describe your yoga practice: My practice in one word is Inspired!

If you are interested in working with Dana or visiting her studio you can find her at www.spiritualessenceyoga.com,  Twitter, and Facebook



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