Yogi in the Community: Bibi McGill

Name: Bibi McGill

Location: World Wide

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

If you watched the most recent Super Bowl half-time show featuring Beyonce, you were able to witness the energy and beauty of  this week’s Yogi in the Community, Bibi McGill! Chelsea Loves Yoga interviews Bibi McGillAn internationally known musician, Bibi McGill is also an acclaimed yoga teacher, wellness educator, and health food entrepreneur. Chelsea Loves Yoga interviews Bibi McGillMany may know Bibi as the lead guitarist in Beyonce’s all-female band; however, Bibi has certainly made a name for herself by her presence in the “Yoga world”. Take a moment to listen as I talk with Bibi about yoga, finding time to practice yoga while on tour, and the ways in which she still stays connected to her yoga communities and youth.

Listen to the audio interview with Bibi McGill:

If you would like to stay connected with the work of Bibi check out her website: Yoga Bibi 


  1. Hello Chelsea,

    Great article. Yes I did indeed Watch the Super-Bowl halftime show. Bibi is a great inspiration to me. Living such a busy life and finding time for everything is so great to see.

    Thank you for writing this.


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