Yoga, Practice & Politics: An Off The Mat, Into The World Event | Santa Monica, CA

What is the role of yoga and mindfulness today? What is the connection between personal practice and social change? How can we use our practice to be part of a movement for change? What’s the connection between yoga and politics?

Join OTM founders Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, & Suzanne Sterling alongside OTM faculty in a panel discussion and community conversation about what our practice is in our current political landscape.

This is a time to connect our individual transformation to the collective well-being of all. Explore how mindful practices can foster a deeper care for others and a foundation from which to engage in the world in a grounded and heartfelt way. This conversation is for teachers and practitioners. We want to inspire you to think about how you are contributing in a meaningful way and how your practice can be your guide. Yogis love to say Namaste, “we are one”. Yet this is not how our world operates. If we want to be able to claim oneness, we must be willing to do the difficult work of understanding how we are divided, how we might be complicit in perpetuating this divide and how we might contribute towards healing it.

This is a rare opportunity to have these incredible leaders in one place sharing their hearts and their experience. Please join us for an evening that will be inspirational and provocative.

Reserve your space HERE today.

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