(VIDEO) Diversity and Yoga: Chelsea Jackson & Dianne Bondy

*Featured photo on thumbnail is by Stefano Giovannini. Original article can be found online bey clicking here:  Brookyn Paper

Check out Dianne Bondy ask me questions about yoga, diversity, and community engagement! 




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  1. Just a thought, America has a very high christian population of which black people feature very highly. I just thought that perhaps this is one of the reasons for low level participation in yoga. Many Christians believe that yoga is of the devil and I get that reaction from many black people when I tell them I like yoga – they comment “you shouldn’t be doing yoga, you are opening up yourself to demonic possession. Therefore it would be interesting to know how many black people in America also perceive yoga in this way and that this would contribute to low levels of participation. I see that the Virginia LT. Governor candidate E. W. Jackson recently branded yoga as a tool of Satan and advised people to not partake in yoga.

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