Columbus, OH: Replenish with Chelsea on October 13 + 14

Join Chelsea October 13th + 14th at Replenish Yoga + Spa Co-Op.
*Please call Replenish directly if you need assistance registering: (614) 429-3165

Friday 7-9 pm
Candlelight Yoga + Deep Relaxation {Class} 
Join Chelsea Jackson Roberts for a 2 hour candlelight yoga class that will engage yoga, meditation, and deep relaxation. This class is designed specifically for those who want to unwind from the week and walk away with tools that can be integrated even off the mat. 
Chelsea has been practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade and featured on the cover of Yoga Journal magazine in 2015 and 2017. Chelsea’s focus on people who serve others (i.e., teachers, parents, caregivers, community advocates, etc) influence her teachings in ways that contribute to healing, wholeness, and celebrating individual and collective resilience.  
Value: $25 
Capacity: 25 

Saturday 11 am – 2:00 pm 
Sustaining Peace: How to Use Yoga to Slow Down, Replenish, and Organize Our Lives {Workshop}
Have you experienced life in a way that seems like it will never slow down? Are you interested in learning how a consistent yoga practice can regulate sleeping patterns, eating habits, and how we take care of ourselves while taking care of others, our households, and the responsibilities within our jobs and professions?  
During this three hour workshop, Chelsea will guide an intimate group of participants through yoga, journaling, and dialogue that will cultivate a practice of yoga that is both accessible and sustainable. 
During this workshop we will: 
  • Reflect on personal needs, strengths, and challenges through a practice of yoga. 
  • Understand the relationship and connection between the body and mind. 
  • Awaken your intuition through a series of yoga practices, journaling exercise, and dialogue within a community of practice. 
  • Walk away with tools that will strengthen our yoga practice both on and off the mat. 
* Please bring a journal or notebook and pen/pencil. 
Value: $45
Capacity: 25 

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